Environmental protection, sustainability, and conservation of resources are fundamental topics in our society.

In order to fulfill our responsibility, LPT has developed end-to-end concepts for our products and production:

  • High quality and precision of products increase service life and reduce scrap during production for our customers.
  • The renew service allows for the maximum use of tools over a considerably extended period of time – and prevents unnecessary waste.
  • Waste from our own production has been reduced to a minimum. Waste that arises is mainly recycled. If recycling is not possible, the waste is exclusively disposed of by certified partners in a digitally verifiable procedure.

Regular energy audits and measures derived from them (use of photovoltaics, refurbishment of lighting, selection of ecologically optimized machines and facilities) support a corporate policy designed to conserve resources and promote sustainability.

LPT – sustainable and environmentally conscious


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